Boothe Carlson

Boothe is a video/sound artist currently based in Queens NY. She creates short videos that are playful/absurd and puts out music under the name Bulk Bin.

Eli Kleinsmith

Eli Kleinsmith is a Philadelphia based artist who works primarily with paper and wood. Professionally he is a Production Designer and Props Person for film, tv, and commercial projects. He also makes music videos and plays the violin.

Em Slater

Emilie Slater is a scholar and multimedia artist originally from Philadelphia. She received her master's degree from the University of Massachusetts and in 2017 was an ethnographic research scholar at the University of San Martin in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Prior to her Masters Emilie received a BA from Bennington College in Anthropology and Visual Arts. Her artistic practice sits at the intersection of academic scholarship and experimental art, pulling each to create new forms in visual ethnography. Projects include a dynamic range of cinematic mediums including 16mm, 8mm, super 8, VHS and DSLR often shown in exhibition formats. Within these parameters, she is probing relationships between connection and separation, similarity and difference, self and other.
George MacLeod

Through a practice in the moving image based in careful camerawork and commercial aesthetics, MacLeod aims to give motion to an otherwise still landscape of images. Their works consider the ways by which artifice in the natural world is represented and manipulated through film.

Jared DeFrees

Philadelphia visual artist and motion designer.
Matthew Ober

Matthew Ober is a filmmaker based in Philadelphia. His films span documentary, narrative, and experimental modes. He likes to work with archival and found footage.
Maya Shengold

Maya Shengold is a Philly based artist, working in film/video and 2d media.

Michael Ipsen
Sam Mayer
Saskia Globig

Saskia Globig is from North Jersey and has an undergraduate degree in American Studies. She's drawn to the aesthetic and movement languages of sports and construction, and where they overlap with postmodern sculpture and dance. She sometimes lives as alter-ego Calvin Bulbenko. Her recent work integrates text with video, troubling notions of perspective and truth. She also likes coincidences, swimming, smells, cowboys, and candy.